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Boating Maintenance Items That are Commonly Ignored

Maintenance on you boat is important.   We all know that.   Sometimes, we don’t know all of the items that we need to take care of though.   Even a non-boater can tell you that you need to change the oil, but do they know about impellers or outdrives?   Here are some important maintenance items that are commonly ignored on boats, what they do and why you should pay attention to them. Impellers What they do:   They are responsible for drawing water into the engine’s cooling system to keep the engine operating within proper temperature range.   Depending on your boat’s propulsion system, they can be located in the outdrive, on the front of the engine or in a separate housing.   Maintenance:   They should be replaced every two years.   If you use your boat extensively, you may need to replace them every year.   Don’t forget that if your boat has a generator, it will have an impeller also. What happens if you ignore them:   Engine overheating due to lack of water flow.   Fins

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