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Captain Frank's Favorite Boating Products

Here are some boating products that I have either purchased, tested or otherwise had experience with and would recommend.  Some of them are discussed or featured in some of the articles written here in the blog and others are just products that I have used and been very pleased with.  I hope you find them as useful as I do.

I keep my boat on a lake that is about 40 miles north of Atlanta.  With this installed on the radar arch, I easily pull in 30 to 40 local channels.  This was featured in a blog article in December 2018 here.

Need to control a 12v accessory on your boat remotely or maybe you just want to avoid running wiring all the way to the helm?  This will do the trick.  I use it to control my underwater LED lighting.

This is a perfect little table for the deck and the dock.  It even has built in cup holders.  It is lightweight, folds up and can easily be stowed away in a handy carrying case.

I installed this free fall windlass on my boat shortly after buying it. It makes setting and retrieving the anchor so much easier, especially when boating alone.  I chose to go with an all chain rode and it works well.

This is the material that I used when I redid the flooring in the cabin of my boat.  This project was featured in the blog article here.

If I can get away with spending a night at anchor without the genny running, I will.  I use this to have a bit of air circulation in the cabin at night.

Useful for all kinds of tasks on deck from opening/closing fuel and water caps to pulling canvas zippers.

I prefer to change the oil on my boat myself.  This oil extractor makes it much easier.

Traditional wine glasses with stems don't work well on a boat (unless it is a yacht).  These do much better,

I replaced some of the interior accent lighting on my boat with these LED light bars.  They look great and use a lot less power than traditional lighting.

If your canvas has shrunk, these will allow you to still snap it down.

I'm a big guy and this portable folding chair is just perfect for me.  I keep it on the boat so I will always have a chair to set up on the dock and chill.

I have had to put gloves on to go into the head after something that someone should not have flushed.  I don't like that.  This sign is now displayed in the head on my boat.

The bow lines on my boat stay attached at all times.  I use these to keep them tidy.

I like Tervis cups because they are durable.  Of course, you have to have one for the captain and one for the first mate.

Having to change a tire on your trailer while on the side of the road is something you hopw does not happen but if you need to, this jack makes it quick and easy to get a trailer tire off the ground.

The leaf springs on my first tow vehicle sagged a bit too much when I first hitched my boat up to it. I added a set of helper springs and it made a huge difference. Make sure they are compatible with your vehicle and do not exceed the maximum tow rating of your vehicle.

Its always a good idea to have a backup VHF radio. It doesn't have to cost a fortune. It just has to work.

If your boat's hull is stained, this will surely get it off. For years, I had a boat that stayed in the water with no bottom paint. When I took it out each year for outdrive maintenance, I used this on the hull to bring it back to a bright white.

I'm not the type of person to spend a lot of money on a cooler but after consistently having to watch my friend pull ice out of his Yeti when all my cooler had left was cold water, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I do not regret it. I can fill it up at the beginning of a long weekend and still have ice when the weekend is done. No more buying bags of ice every day.

It's nice to be able to throw a steak or some burgers on the grill when you are out hanging on the boat. I bought this grill a couple of years ago and it is doing the job well. To be honest, it is not as heavy duty as a Magma, but the price is a lot easier to swallow and it does the job.

This is the quick release bracket that I use to mount the grill to the railing.

Always be prepared when you are on the water.  No matter where you are, this EPIRB will allow you to be found in an emergency.

Keep this personal locater beacon on you to ensure you are found in even the worst of conditions should you go overboard.

This marine radio has all you need for communication on the water including DSC.

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