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Hydrolock - What is it and How to Prevent it. (Written by Captain Frank Taylor)

If you have ever experienced hydrolock on your boat engine, you may already know that it can turn a great day on the water into a really bad day in a hurry.   What is hydrolock?   To put it simply, it is when water gets into your engine cylinders.   While this can also happen to car and truck engines, it is more likely to happen with marine engines because of the environment that boats operate in and it is more likely to happen on boats that have exhaust systems that release exhaust under the water’s surface. First, let’s talk about how the typical 4 stroke gasoline engine works.   There are four steps (hence the term four stroke) that a cylinder goes through for each combustion cycle: 1.          First the intake valve opens and the piston moves down which sucks air and fuel into the cylinder. 2.        The intake valve closes and the cylinder moves up which compresses the air-fuel mixture. 3.        The spark plug fires, igniting the fuel-air mixture, thus pushing the

Adventures in Boating - Run Aground (written by Captain Frank Taylor)

It was the summer of 2009 and we were taking a much needed summer vacation in Destin, Florida.   If you have never been to Destin, know that it is the perfect vacation location to take your boat along.   It has a beautiful harbor lined with marinas, condominiums and restaurants and it offers very easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, the ICW and Choctawhatchee Bay.   On top of that, the coastline is made up of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.   Destin Harbor At the time, we had 2002 Wellcraft 2400 Martinique.   It was the perfect boat for someone like me, an avid boater with a family who loved taking his boat everywhere he could to explore whatever waterways were within a reasonable towing distance.   It was small enough to put on a trailer and tow a few hundred miles without too much trouble but big enough to offer all the amenities that a family would need for a full day, or even a night or two, on the water.   We booked a townhouse on the harbor in Destin t

Couple with a Sailing Dream Lose Big!

Unfortunately, not everyone's dream of sailing the world ends up on a good note.  Be sure to plan your adventure adequately and prepare yourself for the unexpected.  Seriously consider insuring your dreams so if something does happen, it is easy to recover and try again. Click the link below to read the story. A Sailing Dream Gone Bad UPDATE:  Tanner and Nikki are back on the water again!  Read the update below.

The Perfect Relationship

The Perfect Relationship!

Buying a Boat - Should I Buy New or Used? (written by Captain Frank Taylor)

So, you have decided to buy a boat.   The only question is, should you buy a new one or a used one.   As a person who has done both, let me take a few minutes to provide a little insight.   I purchased my first boat in 2002 at The Atlanta Boat Show.   Prior to that, I had spent months doing my research and I knew exactly what I wanted.   I actually was not planning to purchase a boat that day but when I saw the one I wanted at a great price, I decided it was time to pull the trigger on the purchase.   I bought a 2002 Wellcraft Martinique 2400. At the time, I had very specific reasons for buying new.   My main reason was the fact that a new boat comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.   Now, I have always been quite handy with tools and have been working on my own cars since I was a teenager but I felt a boat was a different beast and that I had to learn how to work on a boat.   Of course, there are other advantages that come with buying new.   You get the latest technology and

Looking Astern

One of my favorite views when cruising on The Bear's Den II.  Just have to make sure I don't look this way for too long!

Aqualand Lighthouse

As I was leaving the slip and heading out through the no wake zone early one morning, I looked to the port side and saw this image.  Good thing I had my camera with me.