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12 Things Boaters Understand That Other People Do Not

Admit it. If you are a boater, you are a different breed. You march to the tune of a different drum. Most likely, you are more comfortable in shorts and flip flops than you are in slacks and shoes. You plan to spend your weekends on the water rather than working in the yard. You walk through life with a different view of things and it's most likely because there are some things that you understand that most people do not. Here is a list of some of those things: Winter Sucks Okay, maybe I listed this one first because it is currently January. Unless you live in a tropical location, you are probably hating life right now because it is cold outside. Cold weather and recreational boating typically do not mix. That’s why winter sucks. A Bad Day Boating is Still Better Than any Day at the Office Have you ever run aground while boating? Maybe you had engine trouble and had to be towed back to your dock. It’s happened to me. The fact is at the end of the