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Winter Boat Fix

Around this time of year, it sometimes seems like warmer days are never going to get here.  Even in areas of the country where we can routinely use our boats in winter, it’s still not the same as boating during the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  We often come up with things to do that will keep the link between us and our beloved pastime alive until the calendar says we can live the aquatic life once again.  If you are a boat owner, you already know that there is always something to do on a boat.  There is a project that you want to get done.  There is something that needs to be fixed.  Maybe it just needs a good cleaning.  

But what about those times when it’s just too darned cold outside or its late at night and you just need your boat fix?  That is when I turn to YouTube.  If you love boating, you can find a host of YouTube Channels to watch until your heart is content.  It’s a great way to get through the boring winter months.  Here are some of the YouTube channels that I like to watch.

Darcizzle Offshore

If you like fishing and boating, this is the perfect YouTube Channel for you.  This channel is run by Darcie and her boyfriend, a couple in Florida who spend their time fishing for snook, sailfish and several other species.  Their audience gets to go along for the ride and learn some good tips and tricks in the process.  For the male viewers, it also doesn’t hurt that Darcie is quite easy on the eyes and often chooses to fish in a bikini.  I’ll be honest, that’s what got me interested initially.  If you pay attention though, you will realize that she knows her stuff and there is a lot to be learned from this duo.  After all, 271 thousand subscribers can’t be wrong.

You can find their channel at:
Darcizzle Offshore YouTube Channel

ZipZap Power

This channel is what my buddy Paul and I refer to as boat porn.  It’s a very simple concept.  Place a camera on the shore next to a busy inlet in South Florida and watch the nautical hardware go by.  I often have this channel playing on my TV in the house as I clean up or fold laundry.  It makes the time go by much more enjoyably and does a great job in providing the boat fix that I need.

Click here to check them out:
ZipZap Power YouTube Channel

Sailing La Vagabonde

This channel features Riley and Elayna a young couple from Australia who, a few years ago, decided to buy a sailboat and sail the world.  Since then, they have been doing exactly that.  Their channel has a huge amount of content going back four years. I think that you will agree that their lives truly are an adventure.  Visit their channel and you will get a good mix of content from what life is like spending multiple days at sea to tours of some of the locations they visit along their journey.

You can sail with them and their 595 thousand subscribers here:
Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube Channel

Soggy Dollar

The channel is sponsored by the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.  They have several videos to watch but having been there myself, my favorite feature is the live beach webcam that allows you to see a real time view of what is happening on the beach in front of the bar.  I have to be careful with this one because when I view it, I am reminded of the time that I spent there and my mind begins to wander a bit.  Next thing I know; I start looking at flights into St. Thomas.  I want to be back there again with a Pain Killer in my hand and the sun in my face.  

Check them out here:
Soggy Dollar YouTube Channel

Searching for C-Shels

Cyndi and Shel are a couple from Canada that decided to leave the rat race behind, sell all of their land based possession’s and live aboard a boat.  Unlike the other two couples listed above, they are on a power boat. They cruise to the warmer waters of the Caribbean in winter and share their adventures with their viewers.  This is the one channel where I have watched several of the episodes more than once, mainly because I see myself doing this type of adventure in the future.  Be sure to watch their episodes featuring their crossing from Florida to the Bahamas.  It will make you want to do the same one day.

Check them out here:
Searching for C-Shels YouTube Channel

3D Sailor

3D sailor is an avid boating enthusiast and adventurer from Rhode Island.  The production quality of his channel is not as good as the other channels on my list here but it is worth checking out.  While he has several videos on the channel, the ones of real interest are the ones featuring a boat trip he did in the fall of 2018 when he went from Rhode Island to Key West.  Not much of a feat when you consider some of the other channels here feature people sailing around the world, right?  Well, this guy did this 1400 mile trip in a 17 foot Boston Whaler. For parts of the trip, he was in the ICW but for other parts, he was offshore.  I fact, for some parts, he was twenty plus miles offshore.  Yes, you read it right the first time.  He was in a 17 foot boat.  

If you really love boating, check this guy out.
3D Sailor YouTube Channel

Hopefully these YouTube channels will help the winter pass by a little more quickly.  Maybe they will also give you a bit more inspiration to create some new adventures of your own. 

Have Fun and Happy Boating!

Captain Frank
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