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Sailing into Unfamiliar Waters

Most boaters regularly cruise bodies of water that are local to where they live, but sometimes we strike out to discover new areas that are totally unfamiliar to us. Of course, there are many options for advanc e research and maybe we even get a chance to talk to someone who has done it. Still, there is that butterfly feeling you get in your stomach when you head off into the unknown. Will this end up being one of the best adventures of my life or will I end up on the rocks?

This is what The Ships Logg is currently doing. Unless you happened to notice the obscure icon on the front page, you may not have realized that there is now a channel for The Ships Logg on YouTube. There are even a few content videos there to watch! Yep, they are a bit rough; definitely not as polished as some of the YouTube experts out there but I am learning as I go. The plan is to once again provide useful and entertaining content related to the boating life.

So do me a favor. Sail on over to the new channel by clicking on the link here. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment or two to let me know how I am doing.

Happy Boating

Captain Frank


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  13. Embarking on the unknown waters is both thrilling and full of anticipation! The Ships Logg's new YouTube channel is an exciting extension, and the learning journey adds a genuine touch to the content. Looking forward to more boating adventures and insights. Subscribed and ready to sail along! ⚓🌊


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